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First and foremost, you can expect your Optician to follow the Code of Ethics for Nova Scotia College of Dispensing Opticians.
Specifically this relates to you in the following ways:

Your Optician will...

  • be honest and impartial in serving you their client
  • use their knowledge and skill to improve your visual health and well-being
  • protect the privacy of your records
  • release your records on your consent to another health professional
  • provide you with quality ophthalmic services
  • ensure that your service is not interrupted in the Optician's absence
What to expect when you are in an Optician's dispensary:

Make sure that you are receiving treatment from a Licensed Optician - all Licensed Opticians will display their current Registration Certificate in a prominent location. If you cannot see it; ask to be shown this important document and make sure that it is valid for the current year.

While the style of the eyeglass frames is very important to you, the Optician's recommendation on the type of lenses is what will determine your satisfaction with your eyewear.

To make sure you see well and easily, all ophthalmic lenses require precise measurements to be taken from your face and eyes, and the results must be accurately transferred to the eyewear. This is not a simple task; should your Licensed Optician make a mistake as little as a millimetre or two you may not be able to use your new eyewear.

Make sure that you ask about lens types; there are hundreds of modern lenses types for different visual needs. There are also many lens coatings that will enhance your vision.

Some lenses are specifically made for people of different ages, and even some that are made to allow for a person's posture and even eye and head movement.

Remember that your Licensed Optician is highly trained to provide you with choices from the simplest aspect of corrective lenses to the most complicated. 

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