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The Nova Scotia College of Dispensing Opticians fulfills its mandate by ensuring new applicants for registration meet certain standards for entry to practice in Nova Scotia. That the decision to register an applicant is made in the interest of the public and to safeguard registration practices are transparent, impartial, and procedurally fair. This process is consistent with the requirements outlined in the Dispensing Opticians Act and in keeping with the Fair Registration Practices Act.

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Betty Thomas - Puplic Member 

Alicia Austin - Optician

James Nightingale - Optician

Ashley El-Bitar - Optician

  • No one who acted as a decision-maker in respect of a registration decision may act as a decision-maker in an internal review in respect of that registration decision.
  • Individuals acting as decisionmakers in the internal reviews process receive training on conducting an internal review.

What is the Fair Registration Practices Act?

The government may directly regulate the occupations or delegate that authority to another organization, i.e. regulatory body. A regulatory body (regulatory authority or regulator) sets the standards and regulates how people practice as members of an occupation. Everyone who practices within a regulated occupation must register with the regulatory body. The Fair Registration Practices Act (FRPA; the Act) governs the process a regulatory body follows to register a person who applies to practice as a member of that occupation. FRPA states that registration must follow a fair procedure and be transparent, objective, and impartial. The Act applies to 51 regulatory bodies in Nova Scotia, covering over 58 occupations and 65 designated trades.

More information can be found on the FRPA website.

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